Free-to-download PDF book: Long Bullets – A History of Road Bowling in Ireland

While attending a seminar on e-books at the 2015 London Book Fair, I was reminded of something said to me over a pint the previous night: we live in an age when out-of-print should no longer mean out-of-circulation. The point was made in relation to one of my books.

Long Bullets: A History of Road Bowling in Ireland sold out completely within a year of its publication in late 2005 and it became ridiculously difficult for those interested in the topic to find a copy of the book, mentioned in the Lonely Planet Guide to Ireland as the go-to history of the sport. I’ve noticed that second-hand copies occasionally pop up on eBay or Amazon, often with a price tag of more than €100, which is far too much for a book that originally retailed at €19.99.

Sooo, to save people a few quid and to increase its circulation, I’ve decided to make it available, warts and all, as a free-to-download PDF. Better read than dead.

You can download the PDF of the book by clicking this link: Long_Bullets

Fintan Lane

Road bowlers in Ireland, c.1800